Comfortable, ENERGY-EFFICIENT AND flexible to use

Regular church attendance is very important for many believers and the church naturally also wants churchgoers to feel comfortable and have a healthy stay.

However, it is not only the heating costs, which have increased dramatically in recent times, that are problematic for the church, but also the issues surrounding the protection and conservation of masonry and works of art.

The innovative seat heating cushions from SKUDDE can help here. 

SKUDDE heating pads make it possible to dispense with conversion measures for conventional heating systems.

The warmth close to the body is very pleasant for churchgoers and the desired heat output can be set individually.

Protection of buildings and works of art

The church does not need to be heated up before the service and a basic temperature is now perfectly adequate. This protects the entire building and also reduces, for example, organ detuning caused by large fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

  • No heating up of the building before the service
  • Protection of works of art and masonry
  • Protecting the organ against detuning due to temperature fluctuations

High energy costs can be saved through the efficient use of SKUDDE heating pads. A seat heating cushion from SKUDDE costs just 0.5 cents of electricity per hour (100 cushions = 0.50 €/h).

The seat cushions can be stored in our innovative charging boxes. There is no need to remove the batteries or connect them via a plug. Simply place the cushions in the boxes and you’re done. Charging is automatic.

Some advantages of our heating products for churches

Innovative charging rack for seat heating cushions

With our innovative charging rack for battery seat heating pads, we offer you a perfect solution for use in public spaces or event venues. The shelf allows you to charge up to 36 seat heating cushions in parallel and automatically so that they are always ready for use.

Operating the shelf is child’s play – the cushions simply have to be placed inside and they are loaded automatically. This saves you space and time, as you don’t have to load each cushion individually. With our loading rack, you are always perfectly prepared.

Our loading rack is characterized by its high quality and reliability. It was specially developed for use in public spaces or event venues and is therefore extremely robust and durable.

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Charging boxes for battery seat heating pads

Experience our innovative charging box for battery seat heating cushions! Our box has been specially developed to make charging your seat heating cushions as easy and convenient as possible.

Placing the cushions in the box is child’s play and requires no additional effort. The cushions are automatically charged as soon as they are placed in the box. This means that you always have your cushions ready for use and don’t have to worry about recharging them.
In addition, our charging box also provides excellent protection for your seat heating cushions when they are not in use and is easy to transport. The cushions can be stored safely in the box without being damaged. The box itself also looks very attractive and is available in 17 colors.

Discover the ultimate in comfort with our innovative charging box for rechargeable seat heating cushions and enjoy warm and comfortable seating at all times.

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Order sample cushions for testing

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We will be happy to provide you with sample cushions!

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