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For a long time we have been dealing with climatic comfort and have developed innovative techniques in many projects. However, these technical solutions were often intended more for industrial use. We then came up with the idea of designing a new heating and charging technology for the private and gastronomic sectors. The topic was spurred on by the current coronavirus situation and we wanted to make our contribution here. 

Because fresh air is always healthy and if people spend more time outside, it can only be positive. And this is where flexible rechargeable seat cushions and electric blankets come in handy. 

From the very beginning, however, it was important to us that as many components as possible were developed in-house and also produced by us. We don’t want to have the products manufactured somewhere. When we tackle a project like this, we do it as a regional manufacture. Thus, we produce the electronics ourselves, assemble the technical components, program the electronic controls and sew the covers. All handmade!

100% Made in Germany



Design and fashion seamstress

Kerstin Engel

Design and textile technician

Ursula Sue

Electrical engineering and computer science

Dr. Günter Nowinski

Business economist

Till Fischbach


Bodo Rengshausen-Fischbach


Tina Thom