Our battery heating pillows and electric blankets: Colorful, warm, energy efficient and simply comfortable.

Just feel good. Whether indoors or outdoors. Our new innovative SKUDDE heating products create an optimal feel-good climate, very close to the body. The battery heating pads warm the seat and best of all, you can even snap on an electric blanket via push buttons.

Our products are made in our own manufactory.

Report in the MDR television program “Einfach genial” from 01.12.2020: New innovative heating pads and electric blankets from Comlogo
Link to the report in the ARD media library


Innovative twin charging concept

The cushions can be charged either via a proven plug or via our innovative hook-and-loop solution. Hang the pillow on our current-conducting coat hooks and it will be charged and always ready for use.


Safe and powerful special batteries

We have integrated special LiFePo batteries in our seat cushions. These are not only very safe, but also extremely durable , robust and powerful.


Automatic regulation of the temperature, exactly to the degree

Humans perceive the climate differently. therefore our pillows can be regulated in 3 levels. The great thing is that once the set temperature is reached, the pillow maintains it exactly. So no one needs to freeze or sweat again.


Very low energy consumption

Heating as close to the body as possible is the best option for low energy use. Compared to mushroom heaters, for example, considerable amounts of CO2 can be saved. This protects the environment and saves a lot of energy costs. In addition, the materials can be recycled.

for indoors and outdoors

Inside and outside

Whether indoors or outdoors and in all weathers. The cushions can be used super flexible.


Pushbutton with LED signaling

The heating levels can be controlled via a pushbutton. Leds signal the heating process and heating levels. Simple and good.


Outer cover removable and washable

The high-quality outer cover can be removed and is washable. This keeps the pillow hygienic and clean.


In many colors and variants

We have the right variant for every taste. Many colors and different fabric covers. You can also easily change them and design them yourself.

Smart contacting of an electric blanket

If you want it even warmer, you can additionally connect an electric blanket to each pillow. The electric blanket is simply buttoned to the pillow via snap fasteners and is automatically supplied with power from the pillow.

Then even the knees and legs stay nice and warm. Our blanket is extra large so you can really snuggle up.

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Our pillows are colorful. Whether classic or flashy, everyone will find their favorite among the 17 colors. And if you think you are missing a color, just ask us, we will be happy to produce an individual battery heating pad for you.

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Battery heating pads and electric blankets


Includes 19% USt.
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Includes 19% USt.
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Includes 19% USt.
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Includes 19% USt.
Delivery Time: approx. 10 working days


Includes 19% USt.
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Includes 19% USt.
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Includes 19% USt.
Delivery Time: 7 workdays

Questions and answers

Our strong and very safe LiFePo4 battery has a capacity of 36 Ah. Depending on the ambient temperature and the set heating level, this is enough for 2-6 hours. If an electric blanket is also attached to the pillow, the heating time is about 1-3 hours. In addition, our special battery is super robust and is much more durable than normal lithium-ion batteries. The integrated batteries can withstand up to 3,000 full charge cycles. However, the batteries can last much longer in normal use.

The pillows have 3 selectable temperature levels. However, here not simply the heat outputs are controlled, as with other products, but the cushions regulate to the temperature ranges stored in the software. An integrated temperature sensor detects the temperature and when reached, the electronics automatically regulates the power down.

A small control panel with a control knob is located on the front. Just press once and the cushion is on. Now you can switch through the heating levels on a rolling basis by pressing. A longer press of 2 seconds switches the cushion off. Of course, color LEDs indicate the heating levels.

The battery integrated in the cushion does not need to be removed for charging. There is a charging plug on the side of the Velcro outer cover. This can be used to charge the cushion with the included power adapter. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to use our innovative loading system via hook/loop. Just hang the pillow on the special hook with the loop and the pillow will be charged. You can order this hook in our store soon. For caterers: A multi-store is possible with our clothes rack.

The very comfortable outdoor fabrics are machine washable at 30°C. However, our fabrics are very insensitive and can usually be cleaned with water and a little soap/dishwashing detergent, even without a waxing machine. But since there is no technology integrated in the top cover, here you do not have to worry that something will be damaged during the washing process. If you feel like it, you can even sew your own top cover in your own fabric design!

At 40 x 40 cm, the cushions are specially designed to fit the standard seat dimensions of chairs. The cushions are 5 cm high and fit upholstered and unupholstered chairs.